Human Design Guide

Human Design is a framework that guides you to a life of ease and authenticity. Unfortunately, Human Design can feel complex and overwhelming when you are just getting started.

This guide introduces you to key Human Design concepts to help you get started and also provides resources for you to apply its insights in your life.

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Your BodyGraph describes how you are unique and how to show up best in the world. Learn more below.

Why Human Design?

What You'll Learn

 Do you want to know your true self deeply? Are you looking to add more joy, ease, and authenticity to your life? Have ever wondered how to live authentically or what authentic living looks like? The Human Design system can help.
The resources in this section will help you learn more about authenticity and how the Human Design system helps you cultivate authenticity.

What is Human Design?

What You'll Learn

Human Design is a framework that helps you connect to your true self and navigate life with ease and authenticity. Imagine a horoscope on steroids mixed with a personal development assessment (like MBTI or StrengthsFinder).
The resources in this section introduce you to the system and its key concepts.

Note: Having a Human Design chart will help you make the most of the following sections.

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Understand Your Chart

What You'll Learn

Living your Human Design starts with understanding your chart. But there's a problem .... it's not clear how it all works and it's hard to follow all of the jargon. Personally, I've found focusing on the centers to be the best way to learn and apply Human Design.
The resources in this section help you understand Human Design centers give you the tools you need to understand your chart and how the system works.

Live Your Design

Reflecting on and Integrating Your Design

What You'll Learn

Human Design is a practice, but sometimes it isn't clear how to use your chart in everyday life.
The resources in this section give you the tools you need to apply Human Design to your life every day.


Your Centers = Your Strengths
Chart Reflection & Journal Prompts (login required)
Daily Practice Tips (login required)
7-Day Challenge (from October 2020)
Transit Timeline - Deep Reflection
Transit Timeline - Journal Prompts
Transit Timeline - Daily Practice Tips

Discuss Human Design with the Community

What You'll Learn

Often, discussing concepts and stories is the best way to learn and experiment with Human Design.
Use the links in the section to connect with the Live Your Design community!


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