Empty Bodygraph
This image is a Human Design BodyGraph.
Watch this video to learn more.

Navigate life with ease and authenticity.

Use the Human Design system to create daily habits that support authentic connection.
Empty Bodygraph
This image is a Human Design BodyGraph.
Watch this video to learn more.

Human Design: a system that guides you to a life of ease and authenticity through the integration of science and spirituality.

Living your Human Design starts with understanding your chart

But there's a problem ....

  • There's information overload
  • It's hard to follow all of the jargon
  • Most explanations don't start with the basics
  • It's not clear how it all works
  • The shapes, symbols and numbers are confusing
  • It isn't clear how to use your chart in everyday life

Live Your Design has the tools you need to understand and apply your Human Design!

These tools make it easy to integrate Human Design in your life

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Create individual charts to learn more about yourself and create composite charts to learn more about your relationships with others! Add transits to charts to see how the present moment influences you and your relationships.

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Every Live Your Design member gets access to free training videos to help you understand your Human Design chart and the BodyGraph.


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Join our community and discuss Human Design with a supportive group of people. 

With more tools and features being added regularly!

Your Plan to Live Your Design

1. Join Now

Choose one of the three Live Your Design passes. Access all of the features and join the community for just $1 per day!

2. Understand Human Design

Create an unlimited number of charts and access training videos that help you interpret the charts you create.

3. Build Daily Habits

Use the information on the charts that you create to build daily habits aligned with your design.

Having Ada's support with understanding my Human Design was simply fantastic. In particular, Ada is very skilled with offering practical interpretations that bring a richer meaning to Human Design charts. She is specially gifted with a deep understanding of systems and is also intuitive and insightful. I highly recommend her.
- Joyanne Howell
photo of Ada Barlatt
Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D.
Nice to meet you!

Hi there! My name is Ada! I am passionate about Human Design and I've studied it for the last two years. I am continuously learning and I’m excited to share my insights based on the knowledge.

Human Design is meant to be approached as an "experiment" meaning that you only receive its true benefit from living it, testing it out, and discovering how the wisdom resonates in your life and in your body!

As an engineer, I have a wealth of experience in crafting and executing and evaluating "experiments", I'll bring that engineering experience with my love and passion for Human Design to help you live your design.

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