Manifesting Through Human Design

Manifestation: you and the universe co-creating to make your intention(s) reality.

Manifestation is powerful!

And, unfortunately, sometimes manifesting can feel challenging and confusing.

I'm here to help!

photo of Ada Barlatt
Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Dr. Ada!

Through experimentation and research, I’ve developed an easy way for you to align with the universe and manifest using the key concepts within the Human Design system.

What is Human Design?

Human Design: a system that empowers us to live life with more ease and authenticity.

Similar to astrology, Human Design starts with your chart based on your birth information.

Every Human Design chart includes a figure, called the BodyGraph.

Your Human Design BodyGraph represents how your energy flows -- and how that energy changes over time.

Multiple examples of Human Design BodyGraphs below.
GIF Human Design BodyGraph examples
Your unique BodyGraph is based on your birth information.
If the shapes (called centers) in your BodyGraph are colored in or not, it tells you how the energy represented by the shape (center) shows up for you in your life.
Human Design Centers with Labels for the Energy each center represents

You can use the insights from your BodyGraph to identify the best ways to align and manifest with the universe.

I’ve converted the Human Design concepts related to manifesting into easy-to-use Manifestation Blueprints.

Example of how Human Design insights are related to Manifesting within a Manifesting Blueprint
Partial screenshot of a Manifestation Blueprint that relates a Human Design Bodygraph to tips for manifestation.

Did you know ...

Your best approaches to collaborate, via manifestation, with the universe change from time to time?

You have a personalized blueprint for manifestation that aligns you and the universe based on the positions of the planets?

Your Human Design chart has insights to help you align with your true self and manifest easier! I’ve organized and summarized those insights in your Manifestation Blueprint.

Access your personalized Manifestation Blueprint!

Your Manifestation Blueprint includes two key sections.

Manifestation Guidance

In this section, you’ll learn how to align your actions with your intentions.

Your Manifestation Guidance is updated based on the impacted by the position of the planets and can change from day to day!

You’ll receive tips on how to use your Manifestation Guidance to choose want to manifest and how to select aligned actions to support your intentions.

Manifestation Tools

In this section, you’ll learn what tools you are designed to use when manifesting. Either:

  • specific tools (like a vision board) or
  • nonspecific tools (like a connecting to a feeling)

Your blueprint will include several Manifestation Tool options for you to choose from.

Get your personalized blueprint for manifesting

Manifest with Ease and Authenticity.

Access your Manifestation Blueprint with personalized instructions

Human Design Manfesting Blueprint from Live Your Design
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photo of Ada Barlatt
Dr. Ada Y. Barlatt, Ph.D.
Nice to meet you! My name is Dr. Ada.

I’m a cheerful engineer that loves the spiritual.

Back in 2018, I was introduced to Human Design -- and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve enrolled in courses, read books, and completed experiments to connect with my Design. I love discussing this fascinating topic with others.

A question I received on the Quilt app inspired me to deep dive into Human Design and Manifestation.

And amazing things (manifestations) happened!!

Live Your Design is the result of my reflection and learning, where I get to combine my technical and scientific background with the spiritual. It is my hope that Live Your Design brings you the best of what I've learned and will empower you to manifest with ease and authenticity!

If you are ready to explore manifesting with helpful tools and a supportive community, now is your time! Start now for FREE!